July 19, 2022

OCC Group introduces HATOMUGI, skin care products containing natural barley and millet extracts from Japan. There are 12 amino acids, which are the main components of natural moisturizing factor (NMF).  They act as a barrier to protect the skin from hydration and pollution, while providing moisture, plump, and healthier-looking skin. It can be used daily on both face and body. HATOMUGI Skin Conditioner, millet slap water is the first step of nourishment and provides moisture to help the skin to be fresh and radiant and be ready to have nourishment. HATOMUGI Conditioning Gel helps lock in moisture and skin keeps filled with water. HATOMUGI Skin Conditioning Milk penetrates emulsion containing the natural moisturizing ingredient that moisturizes and conditions the skin. Available now at participating General Shops or for more information, please call 02-295-4545 ext. 239,245.