The Company has established and operated since 1973 with an initial registered capital of 100,000 baht and subsequent of the Company turnover has grown up until the Company has increased the share capital to 80,000,000 baht which paid-up 60,000,000 baht at the present.

In the beginning, the Company was named “O’Leary Covermark Center Company Limited” as for distributing the O’Leary Covermark Cosmetic. The Company has opened the beauty service center so as to counsel the product knowledge and service to customer. In addition, the Company has defined the distributive channel in both department store and salon with the "care of after sales" strategy continually; particular there has arranged the promotion team for supporting each sell place by the product demonstration, service and introduce so as to cause the reliance and product admitting of customer that makes the name of O’Leary Covermark Cosmetic to be widely well known and induces the successful to the Company all along.

The Company registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1994 and it’s transformed to be “Public Company Limited” and the Company expanded its distributing operation with variety of products that are divided as following categories; Cosmetics, Hair Styling & Treatment products, Clothes and Musical Instruments which under the leader brand and well known in the market such as Covermark, KMA, KMA Professional, Sungrace, Shiseido Professional, BSC Hair Care, Guy Laroche, Gunze, Ritmuller…etc.

The overview of Thai economic in the previous year has had the growth rate gradually owing to the encouraging potency of the government sector expenditure in order to accelerated disbursement budget faster, including to the advantage of the stimulus economic measures in the short term. The consuming of private sector was starting to slowly regain by carefully expenditure of household sector due to the household debt burden was still high level. In part of private sector investment was still low level so as to wait for the obviousness, in addition, the financial institution has had wary released the credit to business, particular, SMEs. The tourism sector in this year has become the economic leader because the number of foreign tourist more increased that was the factor to support the economic expansion.

Nevertheless, the weighty factors of export continual shrinkage as the decelerated economy of trading partner country; particular China and Asia including the structural problems that was making Thai lost the capability competition in particular the limitation of high technology for manufacturing product.

According to the economic condition faced to minus factors and unstable environment, the consumer lack of confidence which bring to slow expenses by choosing the needs product and confining the consumed quantity. As result to affect to operate of every business sector, more or less, in the recent year the Company gained total sales at Baht 1,403.98 million decreasing by 1.07% from the previous year but the Company still maintained the old customer base intimately.

Vision |  วิสัยทัศน์

O.C.C. is moving forward strongly by creating products with a difference and best quality.

​We strive to return the loyalty of our customers, employees, trading partners, shareholders, and Thai society by providing products & services which create beauty, happiness and complete satisfaction.



The Company gained profit before Juristic Person tax amounted Baht 102.73 million decreasing by Baht 15.00 million or 12.74%. After Juristic Person tax, the net profit was Baht 82.88 million decreasing 13.21% comparing the previous year.

However, the Company’s current financial structure stands in strong level with high liquidation financial ratio continuously for several years by the several indicators of the main financial ratio which was able to reflect the good liquidity such as this year, the Company has the net working capital amounted Baht 548.01 million, the liquidity ratio equals to 4.03 times. Debt to Equity Ratio was in low level only 0.34 times.

The performance in recent year caused by the dedication and effort of all staffs who no discourage for any problems and obstacles but they were still intent on develop products and services in order to respond continuously to the satisfying of customers. The Company has managed and planned carefully to the situation that changed rapidly and committed in good corporate governance under good governance and also to develop the business to grow firmly for the best benefit of all stakeholders.